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A&P Course

The Eglin Aero Club offers two A&P courses which will teach general aviation maintenance to those individuals seeking to obtain their Airframe and Powerplant License and/or Inspector Authorization License with their previous aircraft maintenance experience.


The student will need to have a signed FAA Form 8610-2 (8610-1 for IA Course) or a Military Certificate of Eligibility.


If you’d like to register for either of these courses, please fill out a registration form and email that along with the military certificate of eligibility or the 8610-2 to

Course Descriptions:



General Aviation Maintenance Technician Course (4 week course)
This course takes place in a classroom setting with an instructor who will teach the students about general aviation maintenance. The accelerated course includes the General, Airframe and Powerplant FAA Written and will also include the FAA Oral & Practical Exam needed to obtain the A&P license.  Textbooks, study materials, prepware, FAA written and oral & practical exam fees included.
Students will have the option to take the course in 4 consecutive weeks in-person, or attend virtually for 3 weeks and choose a week to complete the FAA exams and O&P, or take the course over a 6-month period that suits the student's schedule and the instructors.
Please select the option best suited for you on the appliaction below.
For more information on these options, please email us at or call us at 850-882-5148




Inspection Authorization (IA) Course (1 week course)
This course is to teach an already certified A&P (for a total of 3 years) the ins and outs about the responsibilities an IA will need to hold. This course will teach the individual, in-depth, the FAA publications and regulations knowledge they will need to be able to perform inspections on aircraft and return them to service. The course includes the IA FAA written exam to complete the certification process for the student.



Students will be required to have their own laptop/tablet for both courses to be able to access and use the online course work needed for class. 

*AF COOL - How to Apply*


*Airmen, please read excerpt *

AFI 36-2670 Airman Responsibilities. Each Airman is responsible for:

. Submitting the completed Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line Program request ensuring all required information and endorsements are submitted not earlier than 60 days and not later than 30 days prior to the anticipated exam date. (T-1). Failure to provide completion documentation for the requested credential before separation/retirement will result in recoupment action. (T-1). Submission of requests greater than 60 days prior to the exam date will be denied and the Airman will be instructed to resubmit the request within the timeframe described in paragraph




2024 Course Dates
Jan 8 - Feb 2

Feb 5 - Mar 1
Mar 4 - Mar 29
Apr 1 - Apr 26 - APRIL CLASS IS FULL
May 6 - May 31
Jun 3 - Jun 28
Jul 8 - Aug 2
Aug 5 - Aug 30
Sep 3 - Sep 27
Oct 7 - Nov 1
Nov 4 - Nov 29



6:00PM Thursday, August 8, 2024

at Eglin Yacht Club