Don Johnson

Flight Instructor

Ratings: ATP ME, commercial SEL and glider, CFI, CFII, CFIG, MEI

Flying Since: 1985

Total Hours: 3200

Aircraft Flown: Qualifications: PA-38, PA-28, PA-44, B-55, T-41, C-172, C-310, T-37, T-38, F-16A/B/C/D Previously flown (single sorties): NF-16D, F-15B/D/E, C-17, C-130, LJ-24, C-12, KC-135, QF-4, MiG-15, T-2, DHC-2, DHC-3, UH-1, CV-22, E-8, T-6, LongEZ, A-36


Don is a retired Air Force pilot. He graduated from the USAF Test Pilot School and served in flight test and leadership assignments at Eglin AFB, Edwards AFB, Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Pentagon.


6:00PM Thursday, July 8, 2021

at Eglin Yacht Club