Matt “Fuze” Phillips

Flight Instructor

Ratings: Certified Flight Instructor (ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Airplane), Airline Transport Pilot (AMEL), Commercial (ASEL)

Flying Since: 1997

Total Hours: 3000+

Aircraft Flown: 40+ aircraft models including: Cessna 172, Vans RV-12, Piper Seminole & Cherokee, F-15C/D/E, F-16B/C/D, F-35A/B/C & Beechcraft C-12C King Air


Matt is an accomplished Flight Instructor, Test Pilot, and Fighter Pilot who has over 3000 hours in more that 40 different aircraft types. He was twice awarded the Outstanding Flight Instructor (David B. Barnes) Award at the USAF Test Pilot School.


6:00PM Thursday, August 11, 2022

at Eglin Yacht Club