Bob Burnet

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor


Flying Since: 1967

Total Hours: 11500

Aircraft Flown: PA-12, PA-18, PA-19, PA-23-150/160, PA-24-250/260, PA28-140/150/160/161/180/181/200R, and 235, PA-44, CE-120, CE-140, CE-150&152, CE-172, CE-182, CE-210, CE-310A,B, N,Q,R, CE-414, Navion, L-17, L-19, Citabria 7-KCAB, BE-77, BE-76, BE-34, BE-35, BE-36, BE-55, BE-58, BE-90, BE-200, Extra 300SL, B-75 (Stearman), T-29, T-34, T-39, and T-41 A,B,C&D.

Phone: (850) 585-7040


Bob is an accomplished professional pilot with over 53 years experience. He has over 11,500 hours of flight time, experience with numerous types of aircraft, and currently serves as Eglin Aero Club’s Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.

Bob was interested in flying from the time he started making model airplanes. Unable to fly in the Military due to less than 20/20 vision, he started flying in the Patrick Aero Club in 1967. Bob got his Private Pilots License at the Patrick Air Force Base Aero Club. He then moved to White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico where he earned his Commercial, Instrument, Multiengine, CFI, and CFII between 1971 and 1974.

In 1974 Bob was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base. It was there that Bob flew with the Eglin Aero Club as an instructor for three years, and earned his Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate.

In 1979 he moved to Andrews AFB and flew on and off for five years in the Andrews Aero Club before returning to Eglin in 1984.

Once again Bob joined the Eglin Aero Club and he has been instructing as a valued member of our team for the past 25 years. Bob retired from the Air Force in 1987 and took a support contractor position and continued to fly as an instructor in the Eglin Aero Club.

In 1991 Bob was appointed a Designated Pilot Examiner. He currently has examining privileges for Recreational Pilot, though ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI. Additionally, he has Examiner privileges for Military Competency, Foreign Pilot and remote pilot (drones). Bob also has Airman Certification Representative privileges which allow him to issue Pilot Certificates to FAR 141 Eglin Aero Club graduates.


6:00PM Thursday, July 14, 2022

at Eglin Yacht Club